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The agents of Charles Hart Real Estate have closed over $800,000,000 in residential and commercial transactions

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Timothy Shaw is a Real Estate Agent and Firefighter whose unwavering dedication to his community and relentless entrepreneurial spirit have earned him the reputation of a service-driven leader. After spending two decades keeping families safe, he currently strives to help families attain their real estate goals, whether they’re looking to sell, buy, or renovate. For nearly 10 years, he has held the position of Lieutenant at a municipal fire department. No matter what venture he takes on, Timothy is on a lifelong mission to help people and create positive change statewide.


Buying, selling, and renovating numerous properties of his own, Timothy is deeply familiar with the entire home-buying and selling process, and aims to harness that experience to ensure the entire process for each client is as hassle-free as possible.  His experience in residential and commercial real estate and his drive to help those around him make him an essential part of the Charles Hart Real Estate team.


In addition to his Ohio Real Estate License, he holds various distinctions, including a Nationally and State Certified Professional Firefighter, Paramedic, Certified Fire Safety Inspector, Fire Instructor, EMS Instructor, and SCUBA Diver.


Happily married and the proud father of two children, Timothy Shaw calls Worthington, Ohio home. ​As an avid adventurer, he enjoys mountaineering, hiking, and exploring new places during his free time. He also volunteers for his local and global community as a Humanitarian Relief Worker & Paramedic at Open Hands Medical Teams.

Timothy's Contact Info

Cell:  614-374-9631

Fax:  614-583-8185


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