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The agents of Charles Hart Real Estate have closed over a Billion dollars in residential and commercial transactions


Sell Your Commercial Property

Selling your commercial property can be one of the most important decisions you make in regards to your financial future.  It is important to make sure you use the right real estate investment agent to work with you to ensure you get the highest and best price for your property while making the transaction as smooth and painless as possible. The agents at Charles Hart Real Estate have the experience and forward thinking needed to make that happen. 

Step One - Valuation

The first step in selling your property is contacting one of our qualified agents who can help you get a better understanding of today's market and give you a free opinion of value.  Our agents will put together a professional presentation including a detailed financial analysis, comparable sales history, rent comparable study, market trends and characteristics or operations of your property that make it stand out from the rest of the market.  In addition, they will give you an equity analysis showing an estimated amount of equity including your existing return on equity.  This equity analysis is vital in evaluating your decision to sell and also provides a good tool in determining how much you will have available for a down payment if you would like to perform a 1031 exchange into a new like kind property.  

Step Two - Market Your Property

The second step in selling your property is putting it on the market with Charles Hart Real Estate.  It is important to maximize the exposure of your property from the very beginning of the listing.  Our agents put together detailed marketing plans to make sure they maximize the number of potential buyers from day one of your listing.  This coupled with the professional negotiating skills of your agent give you the best chance of creating a competitive bidding scenario to ensure you receive the highest price with the best terms. 


Step Three - Escrow


Once your property is in contract, the escrow process begins.  Our agents will coordinate with the buyers, bank, vendors etc to ensure the contract timelines are met and the escrow process moves forward smoothly.  Charles Hart works with the best vendors in the market to help insure a seamless transaction.

Step Four - Closing

Once the property closes, its important to evaluate your financial options with the sale proceeds.  Every investor has different needs and goals when it comes to asset acquisitions and financial planning.  There are also many tax advantages in selling your property that can help you reach your financial goals.  Charles Hart Real Estate works with the best financial advisers, tax accountants, tax attorneys and 1031 exchange intermediaries in the business.  The agents of Charles Hart have extensive experience in various types of 1031 exchanges including Combined exchanges, Exchanges into a Tenant In Common, Reverse Exchanges etc. 

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